Roof inspections and drone surveys throughout the East Midlands

Get peace of mind with inspections and reports from Roofstudy. We’ll ensure our reports are comprehensive and carried out to the highest possible standard.

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Our roof inspections and drone surveys

Roofstudy is your go-to for roof issues in the East Midlands, from leaks and damaged tiles to clogged gutters. We offer inspections within 48 hours and provide detailed reports with high-quality photos, which can be shared with contractors for quick repair quotes. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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Detailed reports

Domestic and commercial

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Residential : From £200

Detailed Reports
5.1K Photos
Fully Insured Flights

Commercial : From £300
Detailed Reports
5.1K Photos
Risk Assessments
Fully Insured Flights
Aerial Photography: From £100
5.1K Photos
5.1K Video
Cinematic Video Editing

Inspection reports:

Every roof inspection we conduct comes with a comprehensive written report highlighting critical areas of concern. These elements are visually supported by high-quality photographs to ensure clarity and detail. We aim to send out these reports within 48 hours of completing the inspection.

Please note that our pricing varies based on travel distance and the complexity of the roof.